Now I See What You Mean

You have an important story.
Build it. Tell it.

Use photographs, web, video, print, education and other tools.
Bring your marketing ideas to life.
Tell your story so people say,
"Now I see what you mean."
That's what MichaelG does.

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Michael G began as an Associate Producer Director at Wayne State University's Medical School.

Michael G recently produced a corporate video accompanying a multimillion bid to a global manufacturing corporation. Michael conceptualized, scripted, conducted interviews, filmed and edited the final piece.

The video became the centerpiece for a presentation to the city's development council, leading the way to earn substantial incentives to support the company's local expansion.

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In addition to commercial and fine arts photography work seen in the US, Michael's work has been printed in Paris, France; published in Warsaw, Poland; and distributed in many parts of Asia.

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presentation skills

Michael G has deep experience in a constellation of communications channels:

• Publishing
• Education
• Author
• Illustration
• Presentations
• Web

They are all tools in the message development workshop.

Versatile skill set,
valuable resource.

commercial photography

In the Jacksonville, Florida area Michael is best known for his video and photography work. In other parts of the United States, Michael is better recognized for his production work--for example, creating and publishing accredited content for neuroscience and diagnostic imaging education.


Michael G is a savvy marketing executive with dozens of years of corporate and field experience.

He consolidates complex ideas into concise messages which encourage the audience to say, "Now I see what you mean--and that is what I want."


The creative process begins with a lot of listening to develop a thorough understanding of your core message. The collaboration, refinement and final execution then follow quickly.

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